Welcome to The Hangar!

In 1927 “The Hangar” was built seven miles north of Casper to use as the Natrona County Airport.  Wardwell Field was named in honor of Major Doyen P. Wardwell of Casper, a pioneer of aviation development in Casper and Wyoming. Wardwell died in an airplane crash in Casper Aug. 8, 1929 when the plane he was piloting went into a tailspin and crashed near the airport. Casper Municipal Airport was officially rededicated as Wardwell Field in September 1930. Wardwell Field later closed with the airport relocating to the former Casper Army Air Base. Romie Nunn bought the land and started subdividing it in 1958 calling it Bar Nunn Ranch Subdivision. Wardwell Field is now the location of the town of Bar Nunn and the runways were turned into the city streets.